Healthcare Security


Due to the closure of NHS Protect in 2017, many healthcare establishments may find themselves looking for a new security provider. With our extensive knowledge and expertise, our healthcare security services make sure that hospitals and other NHS sites are accessible and safe for patients, visitors and staff. Our Security Officers also protect buildings and valuable equipment. Hospitals, clinics and other healthcare facilities are becoming increasingly aware of the need for highly competent security organisations to enhance the level of security on site and safeguard their staff, visitors and those in their care. Threats ranging from violence to trespassing, vandalism, theft or even more serious, terror-related fears require attention that staff on site have neither the skills nor time to manage. We operate a dedicated NHS security management team, with extensive access to skilled and trained consultants. This structure enables us to adapt to our healthcare clients’ needs quickly and to provide comprehensive, high-quality protection. If you want peace of mind that your hospital or doctor’s surgery is consistently safe, our healthcare security can be on guard 24 hours a day, seven days a week, year-round.

Our bespoke security service can adjust to your specific needs so that you get healthcare security unique to your healthcare centre. Integrated into our security solutions is quality control, which helps prevent property damage as well as staff, patients and visitors. All our staff are trained in first aid, meaning that a rapid response to anyone who needs assistance is a bonus to your level of security. Each Healthcare Security Officer undergoes vigorous training in Healthcare Security.