Retail Security


Continental Security understands and has identified that assistance towards the safe, successful and effective management of retail operations is essential and that deterrence and prevention of crime are made further necessary at this difficult time to guard against any additional loss of revenue. Continental Security is aware of the restrictions and efforts being made by management and by staff time engaged in dealing with such measures against theft, the follow-up measures and having staff deployed as a deterrent on the front line. With a return to ‘non-essential’ shop opening petty crime and thievery is notably returning.

With a proven track record and established partners such as Mitie, NHS, University of Cambridge, East Sussex County Council, and Continental Security have been operating in support of NHS Covid-19 Operations continuously during the crisis responding immediately to NHS requests for additional security support in Trust hospital locations and Partnerships, Testing sites and back up facilities. Support continued supplying security services to assist the Ministry of Justice (MOJ) system Her Majesty’s Courts and Tribunal Services (HMCTS) and the many branded supermarkets operating within the effective control measures and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) processes.

Continental Security’s dedicated Retail Security and Supporting Services, strive to minimise ongoing losses by identifying and restricting shoplifting, misappropriation, and theft. Continental Security officers are also trained in the control of entry and egress to premises, distancing, and line control, monitoring and accountability of a number of customers on-site, and any search and screening measures anticipated.